Friday, June 3, 2011

Tool #2

Building an online community and participating in a PLN is like being back in graduate classes using Blackboard.  Both allow teachers to work at their own pace while sharing ideas and ideas.  I need to set up an elementary science community to share ideas, give staff development, and provide thoughts about vertical alignment.  This is really important because of the budget cuts.  

I think I need to follow several ground rules.  First, the community must be a group for all elementary teachers.  Secondly, there moderator must provide questions at high level's of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Third, there must be follow up.  Finally, it must be recognized that what is put in print stays in print.  

I feel fine about posting thoughts publicly.  Posting publicly makes me slow down and reflect more before I put something in writing.  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tool #1

Starting a blog was pretty easy.  I liked adding an Avatar.  I can see the students using an Avatar to add voice to writing and to explain how something works in science.

I would use a blog to finish lessons and provide students with an open ended question.  After they post, then I would ask either clarifying questions or extension questions.  I think this could also be used as a PBL tool to get students to solidify their learning.

I would use the blog with teachers to help them understand science content and to share ideas.


Welcome all elementary science teachers.  I hope you have a great summer.